New Puppy? What do you need?

Here is a list of some puppy essentials:

  • Food & water bowl- clean and size-appropriate bowl for food and one for water. Make sure the size is right and safe for your puppy.
  • Age & breed appropriate puppy food- a good and balanced diet is essential to start a puppy off on the right road to health. Make sure the kibble size and age is appropriate for your puppy
  • Comfy warm bed or blanket as well as a safe space to sleep- this helps them learn where is their safe space as well as keep them warm and protected. Good cushioning helps protect their little bones and joints.
  • A form of identification- such as a pet collar and tag is very important in case your puppy wanders off and gets lost.
  • Toys- 1 or 2 toys help with stimulation and alleviate boredom. Puppies love to chew so teach them that their toys are what is okay to be chewed
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