Urge companies to stop destroying the planet with factory farming!

The global increase of meat production comes at a high cost to the billions of factory-farmed animals. 

Did you know that the livestock sector alone accounts for approximately 16.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions representing a significant burden on the climate? [1]   

Beef production, which is the top driver of deforestation, accounts for 41% of deforestation in the world’s tropical forests. Every year the world loses around 5 million hectares of forest! [2]

It is crucial that we cut down the production and consumption of meat and animal-derived products to reduce the number of factory-farmed animals and to prevent further destruction of our environment.   

We need 100,000 signatures.

Already 70,291 of 100,000 signed the pledge.

If you want to sign for this cause please click link below.


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