The Murphy’s Brand

Murphy’s is a premium brand of pet foods and accessories. Launched in July, 2016, Murphy’s is made in Cape Town, South Africa. Murphy’s Gravy is the first product in the range, and was followed by Murphy’s Ice Cream… with more to follow soon.

The Murphy’s brand keys into those special connection points between a pet and their human. Murphy’s Gravy exemplifies this by boosting a dog’s enjoyment of his/her food, and thus also the fulfilment of the person giving it to him/her – in that moment, as the delicious Murphy’s Gravy covered pellets are served, there is a surge of mutual love. An ‘I see you’ moment between dog and human. Murphy’s Ice Cream just cranks up that love connection moment even more! All future Murphy’s products will continue in that same vein.

Murphy’s Thingz yummy gravy

The Murphy’s Gravy Story

My dog Murphy kindly gave me the idea for this product a few years ago – by being fussy with his pricey pellets!

You see, I really want Murphy to enjoy his food. I’d love to cook meals for him – there’s just no time. So dog pellets it is. But Murphy is special! He deserves food that’s healthy AND tasty. So although quality dry pellets offer a well-balanced diet, I like to add a dash ofMurphy’s Gravy’ to really get him licking his chops! Because Murphy’s gravy is designed to make your dog’s meals much more tasty and exciting. And the squeezy bottle means it’s easy to use too – happy dogs, happy owners.

The Making of Murphy’s Gravy

Murphy’s Gravy has been a long time in the making.

First up, I consulted with Lourens De Wet of Nutrition Hub in Stellenbosch to formulate the recipe for Murphy’s Gravy. The brief was to design a premium product, made with top quality ingredients – real meat (skinless chicken breasts, beef stewing steak and lean mutton), low salt, added prebiotics for gut health, and preservatives kept to a minimum. Above all however, Murphy’s Gravy had to be tasty, very tasty! It took 5 product test runs, and many taste trials (willingly done by Murphy and friends), before both he and I were 100% happy that the gravy was chops-licking good.

Speaking to other dog owners, I discovered some were concerned a food additive could upset the balanced diet that quality dog pellets provide. So, therefore the nutritional content of Murphy’s Gravy is kept purposefully low – low fat, low sugar and not too much protein.

Then I worked with Willie Hall at FIRI Consulting to ensure my cooking process and equipment was up to the exacting standards a premium product requires.

Throughout this process I got valuable insight and advice from veterinarians Vanessa Persson at Observatory Animal Clinic, and Graham Vincent at Mowbray Veterinary Hospital.

A lot of thought also went into the packaging. As a premium product, Murphy’s Gravy simply had to be in a PET bottle – not only to keep the gravy fresh, but PET also recycles very well. And the lid is tamper proof for added safety.

The label was deliberately designed to not look like just another dogfood. Murphy’s Gravy is something fresh, innovative and a little quirky; made to satisfy an until now unmet need – for a high quality, healthy and convenient canine culinary delight. Edgy Cape Town designer Lauren Fowler captured all these elements beautifully.

Murphy’s Gravy

Only real Beef, chicken & mutton

Murphy’s Ice Cream


Top quality ingredients for Murphy’s Gravy are sourced from France, Holland and locally:

Water, Beef Steak/Lean Mutton/Skinless Chicken Breast (min 8%), Chicken Liver Extract, Yeast Extract, Sodium Chloride, Stabiliser, Acidulants, Prebiotics (for gut health support), No Synthetic Flavourants

Nutrient Content Guarantee (%):
Moisture >90
Crude Protein >2.5
Crude Fat >0.5
Dietary Fibre <0.5
Crude Ash <0.8
Calcium <0.3
Phosphorous >0.4

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